Election integrity is  

our biggest problem



"Elections have consequences, STOLEN elections have catestrophic consequences."       --   Steve Bannon, Warroom

These are tools you can use to help secure elections, and ensure election integrity for yourself.

First is 'Ballot Trax'. Ballot Trax is a free website that tracks ballots.  

During elections, the county processes your ballot, either from mail, or from the polling place.  When the county recieves your ballot, they know it's from you, and marks that it's been recieved.    This tool connects to some (not all) county systems to see if your ballot has been recorded.  

Also, you can sign up, to recieve SMS messages or email to notify you when the ballot has been processed. This can help to ensure that YOUR true ballot is recorded. is a website that shows the voter rolls in 32 states, and Washington DC.  If you have moved to a new state,  you can check to see if your registration is still in your old state

Canvasser is a mobile app you can install on your phone, and use to canvas for election integrity, campaigns or causes. It's very easy to use, and when programmed with the correct and accurate data, you can find your voters easily. is a Wiki that election integrity advocates can utilize to share data, knowledge, files and resources.  The first project hosted is 'Team Hope' which is collecting information requests from counties regarding elections.