Election integrity is  

our biggest problem



"Elections have consequences, STOLEN elections have catestrophic consequences."       --   Steve Bannon, Warroom

My mission is to fix the problems in our elections. All other problems are downstream from this issue.

If we fix the problems with our election system, then the best people can get elected, AND voters will regain confidence in elections and begin participating more.    

By joining the GOP Central committee in Silicon Valley, I am bringing my grassroots actions and results into the party structure to reshape California politics.

Below is a map of District 4.  This is the district I'm running in. Each red dot is a Republican household, there are 34,000 Republicans on this map, and another 55,000 NPP that aren't shown.

District 4
Can you see the yellow arrows pointing to Cambrian Park and parts of Cupertino? This is what is called 'Gerrymandering'. This map gives the democrats an advantage at election time.

So, how do we win races? 

The last supervisor race in 2018, the two top voter getters in the primary were democrats, so there was NO Republican on the ballot in the general. The top democratic 'vote getter' had 22,00 votes.
There weren't enough Republicans showing up in the primary to even qualify for the general, yet Republicans have 34,000 in this district... and even MORE NPP , which many of them vote Republican.

The party needs to work on contacting these voters, and getting them to turn in their ballots. We CAN win in California, if Republicans turn out and VOTE.