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Election integrity is  

our biggest problem



"Elections have consequences, STOLEN elections have catestrophic consequences."       --   Steve Bannon, Warroom

About Larry

Larry and his family moved to San Jose in 2017 to raise the children with his wife. Working in tech his entire life, he has built systems acquired by IBM, Microsoft, Juniper and helped grow the 'Hacker' movement in Silicon Valley at the Hacker Dojo.

He wants to use his skills and experience to help the conservative movement with election integrity and winning elections. Read more on his LinkedIn profile.

Election Integrity results

Patriot Force CA: Board member and architect providing system to over 70 California patriots doing ongoing analysis and investigations. Assisted with investigating of Shakir Kahn. Assisted Shasta County, Fresno and many others counties.

VoteRef.com: Part of VoteRef team, that built commercial version of VoteRef that provides +150 Million voter records and history, matched with many other datasets.

EIP-CA: Founding data Architect in 2011. Built first election integrity software. Helped find data for Judicial Watch and EIP lawsuit. (SOS & ROV settled)

LAA Look Ahead America: After 2020 election, worked with Ian Camacho and helped LAA find thousands of suspect registrations. Hundreds of ongoing investigations and prosecutions. Results also included in Trump Rico inditements



  • Election Integrity

    Larry has spent the past three years building election integrity solutions to help find voter registration fraud. This system is a web based data warehouse and analtyics system similar to Mirosoft BI or Tableau.  

  • Campaign Management

    Larry is creating canvassing and campaign systems for grassroots conservative candidates and organizations. If you would like to test out the canvassing solution please install this app on your phone , then contact Larry to discuss further.

  • More...

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